This website has been designed in accordance with the guidelines set by the 3WC (World Wide Web Consortium), in order to remove the barriers that prevent the right of anyone to access information and communication.

Structure and code

This website uses xhtml code, which allows you to create standard documents and a clean structure. Content positioning has been developed using css and without tables. Thus, screen readers for the visually impaired and the blind read the document in a logical way.


All images on this site have the 'alt' attribute with their description in text format, except for purely decorative images in which this attribute is empty.


Links whose text does not fully describe the destination have 'title' attributes with a clarification. No javascript pseudo-links. All links can be followed in any browser, even if javascript is disabled.

Visual design

Font sizes are used, so the size of the text can be changed in the appropriate browser option. This website makes extensive use of style sheets for layout, no tables are used if it is not essential when displaying what data. If your browser does not use style sheets, the content of the page will be readable.